Gravity X Dance is the premiere dance spot for all ages. Our innovative approach is to make the studio a stand out school based on the true experience of expert performers. The approach we take to ensure the best quality of training for your child will be a high standard of excellence. Integrity will shine through in all of our encounters with every student, family member, and employee.

Our goal is to provide a positive environment that exemplifies the pure joy technique and fun that dance is. We will ensure the safety of your children. Our staff will be required to have the appropriate attire, music, and ethics to provide the best environment for your child. There is no profanity allowed. There are many levels of dance and technique a student will learn and based on those they will move up to the level that they will grow in at the studio. Each student who gives 100% will receive the most out of there dance classes. Dancers of all ages are unique and inspired in their own way. No matter what the level, it’s about confidence and pure fun. We maintain a clean, safe inspiring environment.

The journey for each child will be one that exemplifies passion and integrity, a truly enriching experience. The standards that are set will be ones that capitalize on the strengths of our dance instructors and what we can achieve through the technology and professionalism that we have. It is important to realize the fundamentals that create the structure of our program so we can assist others with our foresight and vision of a “One of a kind school.” Thank you for putting your trust in our dance organization. We hope to serve all of your dancing needs.